Have you ever noticed that outside of your own personal inquiries or our exploration through the TALONS class, Canada’s past with colonialism and aboriginal peoples isn’t mentioned. If you look at it, its not specifically avoided, just not directly addressed. We would all probably rather avoid the whole topic of what the white man did when he stuck his flag in this fertile soil we now live on. “We also have no history of colonialism”, ah yes that is what we would like to think, but it is quite obvious that isn’t true at all Mr.Harper. Issues caused by the colonial era have carried through to this very day, and sometimes we don’t give them the attention they deserve. This simple comic depicts the careless inanity with which our beloved Prime Minister Steven Harper brushed off colonialism with one spectacular quote.


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Things things things things things (B2)

“Evaluate the impact of interactions between aboriginal peoples and European explorers and settlers in Canada from 1815 – 1914.” – PLO B2


What do you feel/think/know about this topic now?

After going over the topic with reasonable detail in class, I feel I know quite a bit more about the subject. What really lit my fire was the piece about the schools; children were abused in the name of the holy father, some dying over the 100+ years that it all lasted. I don’t entirely feel like the Canadians were in the wrong, they were doing what they believed to be right as they had been instructed; but that doesn’t mean they weren’t. Doing this completely changed how future generations of “Indians” behaved, what they believed in, and who they followed. It broke the spirits of children within the school system and left some of them incapable of coherent thought. Eventually they began to fight back, but the government already had control over most of the land.


They had cut up the land into sections and had begun doling it out to immigrants from Britain. With their land and resources being threatened, the natives had no choice but to sign contracts and treaties with the various large and obnoxious cheeses controlling their homeland. Pressed into the cookie-cutter visions for colonization from the shared freedom of the original agreements, there was not much they could do but press forwards and try to fight  in the political fashion of their pale neighbours.


I think that the “Indians” were quite smart to go about it this way, if they hadn’t then there would have been far more casualties than if they had gone out guns blazing.


What do you need/want to know more about to further complete this PLO?

I would like to look into the reasoning behind some of the colonies’ actions and how the Britt’s back home felt about it. Not the government of course, but what would the general populace have thought about this whole scenario? Also, what meetings were held amongst aboriginal peoples in regards to the issue of the white-man invasion of their territory.


What other PLO’s will you address in the course of answering these Q’s?

Many, many, many, many, many PLO’s will be involved. In fact, I will try my darndest to incorporate as many PLO’s as possible.



Lookie Here, Number 8 – In-Depth

In-Depth is coming to a close in the near future. And with the end in sight, its once again time to look back a little and check in with De Bono. In Topic 16 & 17, De Bono addresses interruptions and attitudes that can be created or just arise within a conversation between two or more individuals, and how each can contribute to or hinder a situation.


Interruptions are a part of a conversation that can often occur without you intending it, or at least without intending to be rude. Often when your extremely excited or interested, your tongue can get the better of you and jump into the conversation even though you didn’t want to. Thats just fine, and I’ve done it myself plenty of times, often with a quick apology afterwords.

For instance, with my conversations with my mentors, I had interrupted when I got excited about the approaching convention (which was fabulous I’ll have you know), and also when I was concerned over how a certain paint would work out for long periods of time on my skin if it was meant to stick so well without sealant that it didn’t rub off at all. With my constructive/explorer attitude I often found it hard to hold my tongue at times when I felt I really needed the cold hard facts so I could piece everything together.

Concerns are an extremely good thing to bring up in the manner of choice numb two, as leaving them for later could lead to you making mistakes with large consequences, or not being properly prepared for a situation. Both of my mentors have very fun attitudes during our conversations, and they’re looking into keeping everything safe and fun for myself within In-Depth. This greatly helps facilitate a learner attitude within myself so that I can voice my concerns and gain knowledge while also enjoying myself (i.e. discussing their past experiences at cosplay conventions and what to look out for).



My only concern now as I transition into a fun attitude, is whether or not I will have a great or amazing time at In-Depth. The wait has been killing me and its keeping me on my toes as the finale approaches.

In-Depth Blog Post 7 (technically speaking…)

Conversing with mentors is always something exciting and intriguing, since we’re usually doing so so that I may learn something new that I may find useful in the future.

In Topic 11 & 13, De Bono addresses emotions and diversions within a conversation and how they are crucial to a conversation and may be used in certain ways to achieve certain outcomes.

There have been many situations in which I have expressed my emotions in the beginning of a situation with my mentors, such as my concerns/worries on how certain paints would work and how best to apply them. There were also plenty of situations when I had to wait until the end of the situation to express my emotions, such as when I had to wait until the end of the conversation to tell them how I felt overall about the dates and times for cosplay events.

Diversions were also abundant in our conversations, and were often used to help facilitate flow in situations where we had ended up circling the drain on a topic that we had scraped everything we could out of.  A particular instance of this I can recall quite clearly was during a discussion between Jeanie and myself on general information regarding wigs and contacts (where to buy, quality, shipping, etc). At first, really going through the various points in detail and repeating certain parts was extremely helpful, as I wasn’t overly familiar with the purchasing of different varieties of wigs and contacts and what I was looking for. At some point we had basically run out of things to be taught or reviewed, so I made the decision to divert the conversation over to costumes, rather than drag on with something so overworked already.

This allowed the conversation to spring back to life once more and continued to be quite an enjoyable experience.

Final Address – Mary Electa Adams

Alrighty then, here’s my final address. You may note that my speech is quite a bit different in some areas than what I said in class, that is in fact because I messed up. But no matter, I give to you the real thing below.




Put down your books and pick up your guns, all this country is moving towards is war. The white men can never seem to grasp that education and equality are the keys to peace and understanding. Our children are our future, without them we have nothing, we are only as strong as our weakest link and without everyone being on the same page, we’re just a rusty pile of chain.

I set out into the world with an education few had the opportunity to receive, and even fewer of those were women. Despite being middle-class and a female to boot, I went as far as to receive a full degree in something other than “How to be a Housewife 101”. Right from the get-go I knew how important my education was, and how vital women’s education was to the future of this country. I made it my life’s goal to provide a rigorous academic program to as many women as I could reach, to push them to be strong and fight. Realizing my motivation, I went forwards, climbing the ranks until I became lady principal of one school, then another, commanding the respect of my male counterparts and my students. I continued on, opening a college and taking it from a shabby room to a well-regarded establishment and gaining recognition for my efforts from the media and the community. An academy followed, and even after they both closed down, my teaching methods lived on into and after my retirement at the ripe old age of seventy.

I only hope that I have done enough, that I have pushed hard enough to make that difference, to wedge a high-heeled foot in the door as women continue to march towards equality and education despite the white men pushing the door closed.




1st Confed Post


2nd Confed Post

It’s Been Awhile…





Dear Father and Mother,


Last you heard, all was well and I was enjoying my new life as lady principal at Picton Academy. Recently I have fallen ill and I will no longer be able to perform at my best in that environment. For my own good and that of the children, I am resigning from my position and will be taking time off to fend off what ever plagues me.

In fact, I will be moving to Michigan, hopefully I will find new work there and be able to educate women and children once again. Girls need to know how to drive themselves in this growing and changing world we are in.

Speaking of that, how are you finding life since the Act of Union was passed? I hope life is still going smoothly despite the changes. I believe that Canada will be a great country someday, now that it has broken free from the bonds the crown had placed upon it. I hope to return someday and continue teaching the children of the colonies.


I must go now, as I feel a bit faint,


I hope you are both well.

Dear Father and Mother

Alright, so I just realized I clicked move to trash instead of publish, great move on my part. But this is the 1st post from the confederation shenanigans.


Dear Father and Mother,


I am writing to you from a small town outside Montpelier. I know I wrote only a week ago, but I had to write again to let you know all was well. I just want to thank you for raising me so well and allowing me a proper education. I promise to make both of you proud as I step through the doors of Cobourg Ladies’ Seminary next Monday. I needed to make the transfer, despite only being in Vermont for a year. There is promise at Cobourg, and I wish to pursue it with your blessing if that would be at all possible.

I look towards the future with the hope that I can earn my diploma and go out into Upper Canada to provide educations to women who wish to put in the effort to attain one. I firmly believe that the teachings I was provided with must be enforced upon future generations of women in order to better the country we live in.

I hope you are both well, especially you father,



A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

"O, Our Prophetic Soul!"
“O, Our Prophetic Soul!”

“While articles and editorials provided the most direct source of information on political developments and public opinion, political cartoons were just as effective in communicating popular concerns.” – Library and Archives Canada from Political Cartoons – Canadian Confederation. 


Wouldn’t you say that a cartoon is a much more pleasant, lighthearted way to demonstrate the early workings of the Canadian Confederation? Though some might find them only useful for amusement, artists used these to show critiques and satirize current times and big hats within Canada. They were extremely effective in getting the point across without becoming dull and monotonous in text.

This article goes over the various works and their creators during this period in brief or slightly-less-brief description. This is a very visual article, which immediately hooked me and is a main reason as to why I selected this source in the first place. My inquiries were mainly centred around progression and expansion, which I very quickly found were all too closely related to the past. So, combining my need for savoury details and a large helping of art, I quickly took to this source and began looking in on it.


At first, I questioned the validity of a green source that had nothing much to it at first glance, save a few doodles. Upon further inspection I found that ;

C – It was quite current for a history article, having been “recently” edited in 2005.

R – It did in fact have some relevancy, due to the fact that it showed a new side to sharing information and opinions during that time period.

A – The authority it carried, despite not having a specific author, was quite significant as it was published under the Government of Canada through Library and Archives Canada.

A – Though nobody can truly say if any history source is accurate, when I looked through their sources for the page they all seemed to carry some authority themselves.

P – Purpose is in the eye of the beholder, and for my own purposes I would say this source is very useful as it addresses both my artist’s eye and my inquiries.



As a bonus I managed to get a good giggle out of some of the images, which were amusing.

One Step Forwards, Infinity and Beyond Tomorrow

Where have we been? To be honest, none of us truly can say where it first started, but we can very quickly pick up on the progression of humanity, our development. We go from creating languages and telling stories, building small civilizations, to the birth of extensive rulership over more than just the few huts near ours.

The white man would greatly enjoy thinking he was the very original, but he wasn’t the only one to exist of course. Slowly our cultures and blood mixed, in both pleasant and brutal ways. Wars upon wars sprouted from the soil of this Earth we have claimed as our own.  With our need to create, destroy, and question, humanity began testing the perimeters of our own capabilities, pushing the boundaries past the breaking point despite- no, because of the consequences. The adrenaline of doing the impossible by getting into that plane and soaring like the birds we had seen for many years. Reaching out and up as we continued to mould ourselves into something strange.


But where are we going? Even if we were to know the projection from today, would it be the same as our trajectory from tomorrow? Will we burn out before the sun rains down on Earth? How far can the tendrils of humanity reach out into the universe before they stub against the foot of the corner of nothingness and infinity? Are we truly alone? These questions and so many others have and will continue to plague humanity each day it moves forwards, even those who asked this 50 years ago are still asking it today, more curious now than before. With our rapid advancement in technology, anything seems possible; however, we’re running out of the resources to take too many steps before we fall and scrape our knee on the bottom of the barrel.  Predictions will only take us so far, I guess I’ll just wake up tomorrow and see how far we’ve gone.

In-Depth Post #2 (&3): Moving Forwards

(I decided to combine these posts into one due to me not being able to upload them for some reason or another.)


How to agree, disagree, and differ:

Well, during this period between posts, I have made an astounding amount of progress… More or less.

During our first meeting I was unable to attend but we solved the problem by using Skype so I was able to fully participate in the meeting. While my cosplays are almost entirely sewing and simpler tasks, I took in a lot of information on moulding and the like while we were going through various skills used in cosplay creations. I noticed that even though there are four of us in the group, we didn’t have a single disagreement. Overall we see eye-to-eye on almost everything and we aren’t afraid to inquire about the specifics of a topic should we be unsure what was truly meant by it.

It was a very enjoyable experience to have everyone laughing and learning without conflict. Disagreeing of course, stems from knowledge, and while I have some experience in various aspects of cosplay (skills used in creations), I am not an expert on everything and I respect that my mentors have a wealth of information to offer. I trust their judgement. Differing of course is just a matter of preferences with specifics in the progress, but not too much of this has arisen despite my ideas. Agreeing seems to be how our group is flowing and I’m more than happy to go along with it.


As you may have noted in Joanna’s post, she has kindly asked if Karolina would be interested in a photo-shoot with our cosplays along with Vanessa F. doing makeup to go along with her beauty in-depth. This seems to be an agreeable idea on all ends and seems like it may pan out quite nicely.


How to be interesting, how to respond:

Due to schedules I was unable to go along on the excursion to Fabricana but I will be making a trip myself shortly. Luckily for me, the things I have to do won’t take quite as long as some of Joanna’s pieces so I have a teensy bit of wiggle room. (I should be going some time this week.)

Luckily for me I also have access to patterns and some tools through family, as well as skills in clothing re-purposing that will also help me move along through the stages at a nice pace.


Now, with being interesting and responding, I have been woking a little more on my own and with a little bit of advice on certain aspects.

With the keeping it interesting I have been working on my own to come up with different ways I can complete the same portion of a costume. Do I want to take apart this dress and piece it back together in a different way with added things? Do I want to start from scratch? I also needed to figure out what patterns I was going to use, if I was going to go along strictly with what my examples looked like or what I saw in my head. These thoughts will soon be translated into some more verbal heavy communication with all of my mentors.

Responding has been a little lacking on my part. I of course answer questions from my mentors, such as their inquiries as to if I need anything from them at that moment or what I’ve done so far, but I feel I could do better. Continuation of responding requires me to give them more opportunities to ask by showing them that I’m keeping it interesting and asking questions. I will definitely improve this in the future.



Ta ta for now!