French Revolution Post #2: On With the Revolution!

As I sit here, an ethereal being with no real ability to alter the painful reality that my family must live through, I can see many things and I have the time to think it all over properly. After the death of Louis XV, Louis XVI took his place as heir to the throne. As he grew I could tell he was more like his grandparents than his mostly level headed father.


As he raised the taxes, the prices on bread and grain, spending all the money on frivolous things, I couldn’t help but look upon him with pity. His people were growing angry, and he wasn’t doing much about it, not that it could be helped, as a royal of his mindset there wasn’t much care for what the people thought, only for his own frivolous tastes.

I watched as the idea of rioting grew, and people began to attempt changing how the system worked all together. No monarch?! I understand how the people may believe that no monarch would be a splendid idea, but they don’t realize how much they need the royals. We keep their entire country in order, we handle all the political, financial, and social intricacies that domes with running a kingdom. We protect them from harm as much as possible, we provide them with homes and jobs, we are a symbol of unity, power, and trust. The people do not realize that without us, they would be lost. I truly do wonder if my godson, Louis XVI’s brother, would have been a better king had he not died before acceding to the throne. In fact, he is here having tea with me right now and discussing the matter, unfortunately he died even younger than his own father, placing his younger brother as rightful heir.


Though neither of us can do anything about the coming events, we will watch and wait. In the meantime, it is time for us to go for a stroll, good day.

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