Tim Burton Trumps

So for the mystical Eminent Person Project, my first pick was Tim Burton.


But, for obvious reasons, this posed a problem due to our difference in gender. With that in mind I had been tasked to scope out 3 women who were similar to the great Burton and see if I could select one of those brilliant minds to study in his place.

Going about this I did several searches and came up with the following:

  • Only 6% of directors are women.
  • Directing is a male populated occupation.
  • No female directors match up to Tim in style and method.
  • When searching artists instead, the only female artist who came close, or that I could find was Marion Peck, but her art is too bright and colourful.

But do you think I could succeed?


Good guess. After getting to the bottom of the barrel, I retraced my steps, but to no avail. At the end of my internet travels, I was still left with Tim Burton sitting in a tab, his life story staring back at me, ushering me to just close all the other tabs and come back to him.


And so, my friends, that is exactly what I did. The remainder of this blog post shall be devoted to Tim and an intro to the wonderful things he has done. At the end I will mention my goals for this project and such.



As you may know him, Tim, our dearest Tim, is a director with a very unique art style. You may have been witness to works such as “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or “Corpse Bride”  (Those are two of my favourite animated works he has produced). He began his run in animated films back in the 1980’s when he took up an apprenticeship offered by Walt Disney’s Production animation department. He was a cog in the creation of movies such as “The Fox and the Hound” and “The Black Cauldron.” Unfortunately Tim’s style clashed with that of Disney, for obvious reasons.


Tim yearned for a chance at solo work. As he continued to help that Disney animation machine move forwards, he began making shorts such as his very first, “Vincent”,  or “Frankenweenie”,  which we would later know as the full length film released in 2012. His passion for working in his own art style grew, and he became a well-known director and artist in the world of film.


In his personal life Tim had several marriages, the last and current (to Helena Bonham Carter) resulting in two children, both of which have Johnny Depp as their godfather (Ooooh). In fact, Johnny is a close family friend and thinks the world of Tim. He has been starring in many of Tim’s films since he started out, and is continuing to do so today.



Because I trust in your knowledge of at least one piece of work that Tim partook in, I shall leave the information flinging there. I need to keep as much as I can to delve into on a further date. And to be honest, I’m sick, tired, and lazy so I can only type so much fact at once…

Anywho, on to my goals and ideas and all that jazz.


With Tim I am hoping to delve more into his artistic tastes and styles more so than just his job as a director, though that will also be a part since he is very unique in that field as well.

I feel that me and Tim are similar in that we both are on a bit of a tangent to the rest of society. While our views might not make sense to all, when we pour our heart into it, that becomes irrelevant. As artistic creatures we quite enjoy producing personal works that leave our audience enthralled and wanting more. I have always found his movies to be quite enlightening, despite their gothic appearance, and they have been friends of mine since childhood.

In this project I am hoping to show my audience just who Tim Burton is, and hopefully a little bit about what goes on in that marvellous mind of his as his fingers dance and art flows forth.


Okay, with that vaguely outlined for you, I bid you adieu. I am saving many little treats for the lot of you, so be patient.

3 thoughts on “Tim Burton Trumps”

  1. Hi Fiona,

    Your post was one of the most interesting to read, great detail and use of pictures. I see you had some trouble choosing your Eminent person, but from what I’ve seen, I think you’ll be pretty successful with Tim Burton. Even though I haven’t watched any of his shorts/movies/films, I can tell he has a very unique personality and art style. I had no idea that he was related with Johnny Depp!

    As much as I enjoyed your post, I would like to know more about his early life as for where he was born, which schools/universities he went to, how he got into art, more of that stuff.

    Great job, I’ll definitely keep an eye on your blog.

    — Kelvin

  2. After talking to you about Tim Burton at Rock Climbing yesterday, I was compelled to read your post. I can some similarities between him and you. The following expressions come to mind: Going your own way. Not following the safe and well traveled road. Testing the waters. Being yourself and letting others tell you who you should be or how you should act. Steering clear of the mainstream.

    Whom were Tim’s mentors? Where or from whom or from what did he gain his inspiration? What was it about his personality and/or attitude that contributed to his ability to develop his own style? Straying from the main stream means taking huge risks with which can come huge rewards, but not all the time! I am looking forward to your speech.

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